You are…

You are the sun that kissed my freckles,

You are the waves that touched my skin,

You are the rocks that I conquered when climbing mountains,

You are the fresh breeze of the mountain when I woke up in the morning,

You are the stones of Parc Guell, and the magnificent Barcelona scent,

You are the glasses that I wear, and the frame that makes me so aware,

You are the words that I speak, and the feelings that I keep for myself,

You are the beauty and the beast, the body in which I exist,

You are the gentle rain after a long, hot day…that makes me feel so ok,

You are the scars that I have, and the birth marks that make me unique,

You are the seasons that passed, and the ones that will come,

You are the mountains that I’ve climbed, and the seas that I’ve seen,

You are the people that I’ve met, and the ones that I will meet,

You are the mistakes that I’ve made, and gave me strenght,

You are the heart melter, the illusion maker, the storyteller and the main character of my own life.

You are me…and I am you.



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