Technology- the future of humankind!



“To err is human but to make a complete mess of things you need a computer.” (The Farmer’s Almanac-1978).

That was the opinion of people a few years ago when the technology was not yet developed, but now we can see that the development of technology is increasing each year. This development began in the 19th century with Bell’s invention-the phone, and over the years it started to expand more and more. From the discovery of the atom to nanotechnology, from the Penicillin to a cure from cancer can be just a few steps into the future, or from the first man who walked on the Moon to developing a system that will allow men to walk on Mars without being shot into space, or plunge as divers to the bottom of the North Sea without walking out of the office ( an example of the Virtual Reality system). Since the beginning of the world mankind is always trying to develop more and more. People always make discoveries some of them are important because had changed the human history!

In one of his predictions, Nostradamus says about the modern technology that it would be: “A revolution without bloodshed, without fights. People living in a regrettable mess, trying to obtain Perfection, beyond their competence. Failure. Than enthusiasm. The Earth forces are inclining in front of a new power above the clouds.” A revolution without  bloodshed or  fight has to be about a new industrial revolution or a revolutionary way of doing something that for us is so familiar. The people that the Prophet is speaking about are the science people failing in searching for answers. But, fortunately they succeed after all, and they are full of exaltation and relief.

An approach on the acceptance of the modern technology can be represented by this quotation:

“The optimists proclaims that we live in the best of all possible world’s, and the pessimists fears that this is true” (James Cabell). The same we can say about the modern technology, the optimists can believe in it and the pessimists are afraid of the reality.


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